Heat transferS

We manufacture top quality HTVs, badges, sponsor logos, names, and numbers for the sports, fashion, automotive, and luxury brand industries. We manufacture in Europe.


Award winning, durable, high quality, luxurious finished products, applicable on all material types.

 Large product range

HTV, screen-printing, flock, silicone, twill. Our products are available in a wide range of types and colours.

Passionate TEAMS

Flexdev is a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who are global experts in printing, materials, customisation, personalisation, and high quality customer service.

Worldwide presence

We sell products in 80 countries around the world through strategically located companies, warehouses, and controlled distribution channels.

Our heat transfer techniques


For 45 years, Flexdev has been producing heat transfers used in the decoration of sports clothing, fabrics, and materials used in various sectors.

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Silicone transfer products available in a wide range of pantone colours. Soft touch, very matte, extremely elastic, and dye-blocker. Manufactured with silk-screen printing process. Perfect for sportswear, underwear, advertising, swimwear, and on many kinds of other fabrics.


We offer very innovative, patented transfer products. Their formulation, together with the particular printing process, allows us to create designs and logos with special patterns and 3D effects. Exciting results can be obtained with metallic colours. Wide range of colours available.


One of our patented transfer products has a skin surface which is laser, micro-perforated. The tiny holes, that are invisible from afar, allow the wearer a light weight, airy feel.  The transfer keeps its graphics, while providing a breathable experience (up to 80%) to the wearer.

Heat Transfer FILMS (htv)

We offer a wide variety of premium quality HTV, from our core, renowned range, to our technical and decorative products, available in a wide variety of colours. Available in any size and any quantity of rolls required.

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One of our awarded classics, this water-based and solvent free PU product has a superb matte finish and ultra-soft touch. Super quick and easy to apply on all textiles thanks to its universal hotmelt glue. Suitable for infants. OEKO-TEX Class 1 compliant. A must have.


Multi-purpose print-and-cut media, super-thin, fast-drying and amazing washing resistance. Applies at low temperatures and within 5 seconds on any textile. Vegan and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified. One-product-fits-all.


We developped a product with the best opacity and dye-blocker that retains your transfers original colour overtime. Perfect for sublimated polyesters and dark colour textiles, even with stripes. Both cut-only and print-and-cut available.


Senscilia is the most luxurious flock available on the sports branding market. Created from multi-coloured flock fibres, the Senscilia process creates a soft, raised, and richly tactile application. The fibres are adhered to an attractive woven satin base, which creates an elevated three-dimensional appearance.


Senscilia Direct, the classic flock badge with a satin background that has been worn by the world’s greatest sportsplayers and in the most prestigious of competitions. Unrivalled quality from our factory.


Senscilia Terra, an amazing new product that has the same classic look as Senscilia Direct but offers an extra dimension to the badge, with a raised silicone insert.


Be it printed with sublimation or eco-solvent inks, our printable flocks will amaze you with rich and intense colours providing a true velvet touch. Simple, direct printing on the product, enhanced productivity.


Be it sportswear or workwear, logos look striking on our twill range which is the perfect combination of fabric and heat-transfer film.
Sublimation printing on our twills offers spectacular contrasts as well as vibrant, long lasting colours. Because of this our twill products are the best choice for top-quality production of logos, emblems, letters, and numbers. Our twill product can be seen on all NBA products and is worn on some of the most prestigious football leagues in the world. And yes, we carry dye-blocker twill as well.

Bespoke innovation

Our 45+ years of experience allow us to offer tailor-made products and solutions to the most creative and demanding cutomers. We master, in-house, the combination of different technologies, providing special effects whether you want metallic, shiny, iridescent, color changing, with or without embroidery or textured effects etc. Unlimited and exclusive possibilities.


On our way to reduce our environmental impact, we have been developping new kinds of pigments made of natural and organic ingredients. As a leader in the industry, we have the responsiblity to create this path and offer more eco-friendly products.


We are able to match any of your needs in terms of patterns, aspect, feeling, and thickness, with products combining various specificities, be it iridescent, matte, glossy, glow-in-the dark etc.