be a force for positive change

We strive to become a benchmark in sustainability for the textile embellishment industry across the 3 pillars of our engagement: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). We have launched our 2026 ESG strategy and have made measurable commitments to protect our natural world, to provide a nurturing and safe environment for employees, and to go above and beyond the legislative requirements of governance in our business operations.

Environmental commitments

Our environmental commitment is built around 3 critical topics for all our businesses: reduce our carbon footprint, minimize the amount of solid and liquid waste generated by our activities, and pivot towards a more circular model for our products and packaging. We are continuously striving for lower impact solutions across our different businesses and we already have brought to life some meaningful initiatives: 84% of our raw materials are purchased within 1000 km of our production sites. Also, in 2023, 100% of the packaging used by STILSCREEN will be made from recycled material and will be fully recyclable. This is only the beginning.


We positively contribute to the lives of the 350 people in our group. We offer a working environment where every employee is safe, respected, and enjoys equal opportunities. We proudly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are an equal opportunity employer ensuring no one is ever left out because of their beliefs, age, sexual identity, physical aptitudes, or ethnicity. We understand that by creating an environment where everyone is equal, creativity and innovation will flourish. For example, in 2021, we are proud to say that the recordable incident rate, across all our 6 production sites, was only 0,85%.


Uncompromised ethics, integrity, compliance, and transparency in our own operations are the pillars of our governance. Our ethics apply to our vision of a sound, yet ambitious ESG plan for our company. Underpromise but overdeliver; only commit to measurable objectives, continuously learn and improve, and lead from the top (Flexdev executive team is personally responsible and accountable for the achievement of our ESG targets). We aim to make our ESG commitments certified by recognized independent experts: most products offered by CHEMICA (66%) and STILSCREEN (99%) have already received an Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification.

Our waterbased
& solvent free products

Quickflex Revolution ®

Water-based heat transfer film.

100% organic, solvent free.


Soyabean oil-based.
Solvent free.

waste management

By limiting production waste, we reduce the volume of material consumed.

Up to 53% of our total waste is already locally
recycled. We aim to reduce the proportion of non-recycled waste.
We consistently reinvent our processes to reduce the volume of water consumed and to treat waste water.


We are currently working on reducing our scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions.

We want to reduce our direct carbon emissions by 10% by 2023 (vs 2021) and we will improve our share of low-carbon energy purchased.


To encourage and simplify recycling, we offer monomaterial solutions.
We allow easy separation of materials at the end of the product's life, to repurpose each product. We also aim to improve our use of renewable packaging.