Changing For Better

We’re changing the way we work to create a better company - for business, for the planet, for everyone.

Our new ReFlex program is taking us on an exciting journey over the next four years, embedding sustainability into everything we do.

We are embedding sustainability across our people, partners and operations and join the world’s top organizations in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’ve identified the 10 SDGs most relevant to FlexDev and our work, and commit to supporting these through targets laid out in our roadmap to 2026.
Our journey to better.

At FlexDev, we have big ambitions for implementing positive, sustainable change across our business.

Our ReFlex roadmap lays out a clear plan we can deliver against over the next four years - made up of targets that we can achieve to support the UN SDGS to the best of our ability and without compromise.

2023 results, year 1 of the plan, were all above our expectations and testify of our commitment to deliver against all our sustainability commitments

2024 - 2026
Reduce environmental impact of our packaging.
Reducing our carbon footprint
Improving our employee wellbeing
Increase our use of Sustainable energy and energy efficiency.
Aim for equal pay between male and female employees.
Reduce our direct
Increase share of green product solutions.
Reduce our indirect value chain carbon emissions.
Measure employee engagement and improve it year on year.
Reduce the amount of hazardous waste.
Achieve independent
ESG certification.
Improve safety measures and reduce injuries.
Integrate Reflex plan into performance targets.
Improving our waste management
Reduce waste water and water used in production.
Reduce the amount of solid waste sent to landfill.
The journey never stops.

We know that we need to continue to evolve and constantly reassess our business to understand the real effect of our ReFlex program.

Beyond 2026, we will keep pushing ourselves and create new targets.
Transparency, partnership & Innovation.
Progress of the plan is tracked every quarter by an independent consultant and carbon emissions are being calculated by an expert third party agency.
Every year from 2024 onwards, we will publish our previous year’s sustainability achievements.
We have a dedicated program committed to explore new solutions that will embed  circularity at the heart of our business and empower the sustainable performance of our partners.